January 17-18, 2015

The Long Haul 100 Ultra-marathon is a event that includes a 100 mile individual, 100 kilometer individual, and  2 - 100 furlong (12.5 miles) individual distances (one is a day race beginning at 10am, the other is a night race beginning at 5pm).  The 100 furlong races have a limited field of 100 total runners.  It is a trail race that is located in Wesley Chapel (Tampa Bay Area), Florida at the Cypress Creek Preserve.

In an effort to make this a total family event -- the Long Haul has added a Kids 100 yard dash as well as a Final Mile run -- where you run 99 miles preceding the event and the final 100th mile on the day of the race. 

The course is a 20 mile out and back route with little elevation, but varying surfaces including: asphalt, crushed coral, grass, dirt, and firm sand.  For a more in depth description of the course, please go to the Course Map page. 

2014 Overall Winner and Women's Course Record Holder, Alyson Venti 17:14:36

The race benefits Praxis International, a grassroots non-profit organization started by three Tampa Bay Area families working in rural Haiti.  Everyone, from the Race Director to the Aid Station Workers all volunteer their time to raise money for this great cause.  So, whether you are running to beat your personal best or wanting to be a part of something that is bigger than just you, YOU can run knowing that 100% of the proceeds and any money you raise through fundraising (should you choose to do so) will make an EXTREME difference in the lives of those living in Haiti.  Many of our runners come back year after year -- they are in it for the LONG HAUL!